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  • IER published the Monthly Economic Monitoring of Ukraine for March 2023



    • Starting in February, we compare the performance indicators of different sectors with the period
    of the full-fledged war: the effect of the statistical base becomes essential in the analysis.
    • According to the IER estimate, the drop in real GDP decelerated in February to 26.7% yoy due
    to the improvement of the situation in different sectors of the economy and the statistical base
    • Since February 12, there has been no electricity shortage, which has contributed to the
    economic recovery.
    • Negotiations have begun on the extension of the Grain Initiative.
    • Maize took the first position in the structure of goods exports, and the second was sunflower
    seeds oil.
    • Negotiations have begun on a new IMF program, which, according to the Government’s
    expectations, will envisage a loan of USD 15 bn to Ukraine.
    • The monthly consumer price increases were below 1% for four months due to low domestic
    demand and a decrease or stabilization of prices on global markets.
    • NBU expenditures to maintain a fixed hryvnia exchange rate in February decreased significantly
    in February, which likely reflects a reduction in the trade deficit in goods.


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