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  • Methodology of trade policy analysis: what the numbers can tell us


    On September 21, the Institute of Economic Research and Policy Consulting (IER), with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine, held an online workshop called "Methodology of trade policy analysis: what the numbers can tell us."

    If twenty years ago, the main question was where to get data, now new challenges arise: How to compare information from different sources? How to choose the proper analysis tools? What is the best way to assess the competitiveness of goods in individual markets? What can and cannot show different models?

    The main task of the workshop was to improve the understanding of trade policy analysis tools by representatives of various stakeholders, including civil servants, representatives of business, civil society, expert community, etc.

    As Oleksandr Zhemoyda, Director of the Department of Trade Agreements and Export Development of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, emphasized in his opening speech, the more trade policy discussions’ participants speak the same language (and this is the language of data and analysis), the better for both the country and business.

    More than 120 participants joined the training seminar in Zoom and via YouTube.

    During the event, our expert and research director, Veronika Movchan, talked about the main trade classifications, showed the advantages and disadvantages of the primary trade data sources, demonstrated how to work with the main tools of its analysis, as well as how to use models to access the free trade areas (FTAs) impact.

    The methodological issues of the seminar were illustrated using the results of economic studies on the impact of Ukraine's (potential) FTAs. That concerned, in particular, the use of the computable general equilibrium model developed by the IER international team with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine. The model code is publicly available on the IER website thanks to the Creative Commons license: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). Analytical reports are presented on the website of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine.

    Such workshops help to improve the culture of public policy debate and, ultimately, the quality of evidence-based public decisions.

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