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  • Principles for Ukraine Economic Recovery Plans

    In the development, implementation and evaluation of all financing arrangements and 
    associated activities and projects contributing to Ukraine’s economic reconstruction and 
    resilience, the undersigned will seek out and support that which respects the following 7 
    1. Urgent: Economic reconstruction and resilience efforts should begin immediately, not wait 
    for an end to Russian aggression, and be steadily increased as the cessation of hostilities 
    increase opportunities.
    2. Transparent and Accountable: implementation of transparency tools and mechanisms at 
    all stages, clear public disclosure ensuring public access to the data on finance agreements, 
    PPP and concessions, public procurements, and use of funds, accessible grievance 
    mechanisms and multistakeholder monitoring mechanisms.
    3. People-oriented: inclusive and non-discriminatory both in participation (civil society, victim 
    representatives and affected multi-stakeholders) and in the determination of beneficiaries; at 
    all times being human rights-based, maximizing benefit to the civilian population and 
    vulnerable groups, preferencing decision making and implementation closest to the affected 
    populations (community and regional level), and seeking to avoid financing conditions that 
    may prejudice social protections and public services.
    4. Prioritizing fulfilment of SDGs in order to achieve “build back better” goals. Recovery 
    should be green making a positive environmental impact and bringing higher energy security.
    5. Perpetrator should pay: while the voluntary contributions of the international community 
    and the government of Ukraine will play a part, the priority should be reconstruction financed 
    through the voluntary or seized assets of the Russian State and the oligarchs.
    6. Consistent with international law and compatible with Ukraine’s desire to be a 
    member of the EU including, best practices related to the application of social and 
    environmental standards and safeguards, and where seizures of an individual’s assets and 
    mechanisms to determine fault and assign remedies are concerned, consistent with the UN 
    Basic principles
    7. Ensuring long-term economic sustainability when financing the recovery: consistent 
    with a national strategy for sustainable debt, preferencing grants over loans, and stiving to 
    protect access to markets and invite foreign direct investment. 
    Ukraine Center for Economic Strategy, Kyiv, 
    DiXi Group, Kyiv, 
    Ukraine Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting, Kyiv, 
    Institute of Analysis and Advocacy, Ukraine

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