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  • Ukrainian industry slowed the pace of recovery in August – IER Monthly Enterprises Survey


    Ukrainian business continued to restore production, but it became worse in the assessing the overall economic environment and the state of business at the company.

    These are the results of our fourth Monthly Enterprises Survey "Ukrainian business during the wartime" for August 2022. IER experts presented main results of the survey at the online event "Economic trends from a business perspective".

    In particular, in August 2022, Ukrainian companies continued its resumption of production. At the same time, the investigation showed a potential slowdown in the upturn in industrial economic activity.

    'The dynamics of economic performance indicators and expectations point to potential problems in the industrial sector in the next two months,' explains Oksana Kuziakiv, Executive Director of IER.

    According to the expert, these findings point to a decline in optimism regarding future changes in the general economic environment and deteriorating expectations about the state of the business on a semi-annual basis. Similarly, in both cases, the proportion of "optimists" prevails over that of "pessimists". 

    In addition, the results of the investigation have shown that enterprises are increasingly uncertain about the future. In particular, in August the uncertainty of the future in the outlook of the nearest time, has increased and the tendency of the preceding months to its decrease has ceased.

    Moreover, the growth trend of the three-month production forecast is also slowing, although overall it remains positive.

    Among the biggest barriers to business in August are still raw material prices and logistical problems, while for the first time the third biggest problem was the shortage of circulation funds.




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