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  • Business in Kyiv region is more optimistic than other Ukrainian regions on the situation for the future Enterprises Survey

    Kyiv entrepreneurs are more optimistic about the future of business and less optimistic about the current situation than in other parts of Ukraine. 

    These are the results of our special report devoted to the Kyiv region of the second monthly survey of business entrepreneurs. 

    The main outcomes:

    • over half of entrepreneurs in the Kyiv region (63.2%) plan to improve the economic situation in the next 6 months. This is higher (46.1%) than in other parts of Ukraine.
    • at the same time, almost double that in the whole of Ukraine (18.2%), Kyiv region's businessmen (43.3%) were unable to provide forecasts on the financial and economic situation in the next half-year.
    • the percentage of optimists on the financial and economic situation of companies in the Kyiv region is 4.5%, which is less than anywhere in Ukraine - 6.8%.
    • the proportion of entrepreneurs whose output has declined in Kyiv region is higher than elsewhere (66.67% and 44.9% respectively). The region also has a lower percentage of business, which raised production volumes: 4.8% in Kiev and 15.4% in Ukraine.
    • in 2022, the main issues for business in the Kyiv region were difficulties with the transportation of raw materials or finished products across Ukraine and workplace safety. The problems of the shortage of fuel and the pricing of raw materials or final products were not as acute for the business of Kyiv, than on average in all the researched Ukrainian regions. 
    • share of Kyiv region business representatives who believe that the general economic environment is bad is lower than in Ukraine (36.4% and 49.1%, respectively), and the share of optimists (9.1%) exceeds the Ukrainian overall indicator (4.7%).


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