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  • How IER had joined the process of European integration of Ukraine

    On June 23, the European Council unanimously granted Ukraine the status of candidate country to join the European Union. In 2004, the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting conducted the survey on “Social and Economic Consequences for Ukraine of the European Union Enlargement”. Since this project, study regarding the cooperation issues between Ukraine and the EU has begun. In the same year, the Institute implemented a project entitled “Analysis of free trade agreements concluded by the European Union and recommendations development on the principles of creating free trade areas between Ukraine and the EU”.   

    In 2006, experts of the Institute examined economic conditions and assessed the possible consequences of creating a free trade area between Ukraine and the EU. The project resulted in recommendations on Ukraine’s negotiating position on the conclusion of a corresponding agreement with the EU. Next year, a study of economic conditions and an assessment of the possible consequences of creating deep and comprehensive free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU (services) with relevant recommendations on Ukraine’s position in the EU negotiations appeared. In 2008, the Institute implemented a special project “Enterprises survey on priority issues that are to be considered in the negotiation process for the establishment of FTA with the EU”. 

    Activities of the Institute towards the European integration are going on. The Institute become actively engaged in various aspects of implementation of the Association Agreement of Ukraine with the EU. Ahead of us is a new phase –assisting Ukraine successfully pass the candidacy school and become a full member of the EU. It is pleasant to feel that the Institute has really joined to the process of the European integration of Ukraine and will continue to work actively further.

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