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  • How IER works during the war in Ukraine


    Today, April 26, Executive Director of the IER Oksana Kuzyakiv took part in the initiative meeting, devoted to urgent working issues of analytical centers. 

    Participants discussed problems of renewable resources, healthcare reforms and educational initiatives aimed at increasing economic literacy.

    The focus was on the situation in Ukraine. As Oksana Kuziakiv stressed out, now Ukraine is fighting at the forefront for liberal values– freedom and dignity and the Institute is trying to contribute in this direction.

    “IER is making immense efforts to inform the world regarding the current situation in Ukraine; particularly, we have launched three new telegram channels on domestic news, sanctions and international aid, and we use Twitter with relevant information for our international community as well”. is a platform for experts and intellectuals from Central and Eastern Europe, which includes 17 think tanks from different countries, including Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania and Germany.


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