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  • RPR announced 20 laws that should be adopted by the end of 2019


    On August 23, the Reanimation Reform Package Coalition (RPR Coalition) including the IER, sent proposals to political parties regarding their legislative work in the Verkhovna Rada of XI convocation. On August 30, at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center experts presented 20 priority bills that MPs should approve till the New Year.

    Igor Burakovsky, co-chair of the RPR Coalition Council and chairman of the Board of the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting, presented the economic block and emphasized the transition from old to new was complete. It is time to move forward, and he is waiting for the Cabinet’s program, its action plan, and KPI.

     Bills to be adopted as soon as possible in the economic sphere: on the Financial Investigation Service, also on the consolidation of functions of state regulation of financial services markets No. 2413a.

    “The National Bank is now operating to the highest standards, whatever the personalities would say… however, there is a non-banking sector, a large number of joint-stock companies, and unregulated structures. Liberalization involves tight regulation, including. The crisis of 2007-2009 has shown that when certain sectors of financial services fall out of government regulation, problems immediately arise, ” said Burakovsky.

    A law is needed to prevent undue pressure on economic entities from state oversight measures # 6489, and to strengthen the protection of economic entities against unlawful acts or omissions of licensing authorities No. 7373.

    The full list of the bills is available here

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