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  • Presentation of the second ed. of the book "Deepening EU-Ukraine Relations" in Dnipro, Odessa and Kyiv



    The Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting (IER) together with the Civic Synergy Project organize the public discussions “The European Choice of Ukraine: Progress and Perspectives” in three Ukrainian cities: Dnipro, Odesa, and Kyiv on November 15,16, and 19 respectively. The events are dedicated to the launch of two publications: the second edition of the landmark Handbook “Deepening EU-Ukraine Relations. What, why and how?” and the edited volume “The Struggle for Good Governance in Eastern Europe”. 

    The public discussions are aimed to promote the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and the European integration of Ukraine through a frank debate over how the whole AA/DCFTA process develops in Ukraine, with opportunities for the expression of ideas on how the process may be improved and strengthened. We will also discuss the scenarios for future EU-Ukraine relations.

    Representatives of public authorities, business, academia, embassies, expert communities and media are invited to participate.

    The English versions of the publications are available for downloading from 3DCFTA web-site. The Ukrainian versions will be disseminated at the event and become available in the electronic format after November 19, 2018.


    If you want to participate, please register by following the links below:

    Venue: I Coworking Hub, Dmytra Yavornytskogo avenue, 3. 

    Time: 15 November 2018, 10:30 - 13:00

    Languages: Ukrainian, English

    Facebook event


    Venue: Impact Hub Odessa, Grecheskaya, 1a. 

    Time: 16 November 2018, 10:30 - 13:00

    Languages: Ukrainian, English

    Facebook event



    Venue: Vozdvyzhensky Hotel, 60a Vozdvyzhenska str. 

    Time: 19 November 2018, 10:00 - 13:00

    Languages: Ukrainian, English

    Facebook event


    The public discussions are organized by the project "Understanding Association Agreements and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Areas of the EU with Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia", implemented by a consortium headed by the Center for European Political Studies (CEPS) with financial support from SIDA as well as the project "Civic Synergy" funded by the European Union and co-funded and implemented by the International Renaissance Foundation and aimed at strengthening public participation in European integration reforms through the support of two pro-European civic platforms.

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