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  • Agricultural Committee meeting held by American Chamber of Commerce took place


    On November 23, 2010 Agricultural Committee meeting held by American Chamber of Commerce took place. It was devoted to the discussion of the progress in FTA Agreement with the EU and current hot topics for Ukrainian Agricultural sector. Anna Kuznetsova, the researcher/consultant of the German-Ukrainian Policy Dialogue in Agriculture in the IER, participated in it.

    The representatives from the Ministries informed the participants about the state of affairs in negotiations between the EU and Ukraine on FTA. FTA with EU is expected to increase the competitiveness of Ukrainian economy. However, there are several topics with concern to agri-food industry that may cause huge losses for the Ukrainian market participants. Among them are EU’s higher import tariffs and domestic support (CAP), as well as application of export subsidies by the EU and proposed low export quotas for Ukrainian produce to the EU market.

    Another topic discussed at the meeting is grain export quotas. Market participants claim that quotas distribution mechanism is not transparent. The main threat left is that quotas can be prolonged for the next marketing year.

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