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  • New issue of Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine (MEMU)


    The new issue of Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine 6 (116) gives an overview of the last month’s main events. Among those are: decrease of central fiscal deficit between January and April, inflation deceleration alongside with stable exchange rate in May.

    Theme of the month: "Euro".

    Economic crisis led to high fiscal deficits and rising public debt levels in Eurozone countries in part due to generous social safety net. The consequences of Eurozone debt crisis were minor for Ukraine so far and are likely to remain so. However, if this crisis destabilises financial markets for a longer time leading to serious economic troubles, Ukraine may face conditions similar to that in September 2008. Nevertheless, this time economy will have much less reserves than in 2008.

    Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine (MEMU) is a regular publication of the Institute, which contains a brief analysis of the key events and factors that affect the economy of Ukraine.

    Contents of the new issue of MEMU and terms of subscription

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