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  • IV International Ecological Forum


    24-26 February 2010 Anna Kuznetsova, Consultant of the project "German-Ukrainian Policy Dialogue in Agriculture", participated in the IV International Ecological Forum "Eco Solutions - new technologies" in Lviv. During Forum at the conference "Energy and resource saving technologies, systems, equipment and financial instruments for their implementation" she made the presentation on the subject "Is it profitable to invest in biogas production in Ukraine?". The results of the study show that if cattle and pig manure is used as a feedstock to produce biogas in Ukraine, such production is profitable at 0.5, 1 and 3 MW/h electrical capacity even under the current market interest rate. In case of corn silage or chicken dung use as a feedstock only biogas plants with above 1 MW/h electrical capacity bring profits. The presentation in Russian or English language you can receive by request.

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