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  • USAID study: there is hope for small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine


    orruption remains a considerable obstacle in Ukraine’s business climate, however it was ranked only seventh in the obstacles rating. 55 per cent of respondents agreed that entrepreneurs give bribes in order to avoid the checks, said Oksana Kuziakiv, coordinator at the USAID LEV program, executive director at the Institute for Economic Research presenting the new edition of the study “Annual assessment of the business climate in Ukraine in 2015″ at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

    However, in 2015 regardless of the moratorium on inspections, each second company was subject to checks. Most frequent checks were made by the state fire inspection and the tax inspection. Their checks are longest and most expensive – entrepreneurs are losing 31,000 UAH. As to administration of taxes, entrepreneurs are having biggest problems because of unstable legislation.

    One of the interesting findings of the research is the fact that 86 per cent of small and middle-sized businesses consider the state being “an obstacle” or “an enemy” of doing business, and almost the same number of respondents – 89 per cent, are waiting for the state support.

    Read more in the summary made by Ukraine Crisis Media Center based on the press briefing of the USAID LEV Program.

    Source:  Ukraine Crisis Media Center
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