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  • Anna Kuznetsova: Is biogas production profitable?


    In the newspaper of agri-entrepreneurs “Agrobusiness S’ogodni” 21-22 (197) for November 2010 the article of Anna Kuznetsova, researcher/consultant of the German-Ukrainian Policy Dialogue in Agriculture in the IER, “Is biogas production profitable?” was published. This article summarizes the policy paper # AgPP26 written by Anna Kuznetsova and Kateryna Kutsenko “Biogas and “green tariffs” in Ukraine – A profitable investment?”. The main conclusion of the paper is that under the level of set “green tariff” and with the assumption that this tariff will be actually paid by the Ukrainian government to biogas producers, biogas plants operating on pig and cattle manure, chicken dung and corn silage are profitable under current market conditions in case their capacity is 1 MWel and above.


    The article is available in Ukrainian only. You can download the full paper from our website.

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