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The Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting (IER) is a well-known Ukrainian independent think tank, focusing on economic and social research, and policy consulting, and civil society development in Ukraine. The IER is the EU strategic partner in the field of support to civil society across Ukaine since 2019.

IER was founded in December 1999 by top-ranking Ukrainian politicians and scientists and German Advisory Group on economic reforms in Ukraine, which has been a part of Germany’s TRANSFORM program.

The Institute is headed by Doctor of economic sciences, Professor Igor Burakovsky.



  1. is independent of policy interests ensuring impartial recommendations on economic policy problems
  2. is a well-known think tank focusing on economic research and advice on the key issues of economic policy, including SME and regional policies and civil society development which ensures
    • unbiased expertise on key economic issues and main components of the economic policy
    • highly professional consultations on development of national economic policy and strategies
    • quality of economic and statistical data used in its work and application of the most sophisticated instruments for short- and medium-term economic forecasting and modelling
    • interdisciplinary studies in the fields related to the economic policy
    • international expertise and international economic debate
  3. has a stable and formed team of qualified researchers
  4. is an important part of the civil society in Ukraine providing relevant, open, transparent, regular and hot-topic information and research.


The mission of the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting is to provide alternative solutions to key problems of social and economic development in Ukraine.

The key tasks associated with the implementation of our mission at the current stage are:

  • Providing top quality expertise in the field of economy and economic policy-making, and developing strategic and instrumental components of the economic policy
  • Forming public opinion through the organization of public debate and spreading knowledge
  • Contributing to the development of economic and social sciences as well as promoting the development of Ukrainian research community.

In its work the Institute is guided by the principles of free and democratic markets in an open society. The key precondition for the IER activity is its political independence that ensures impartiality in the IER recommendations on economic policy problems and helps avoiding manipulation with the research results. At the same time, the Institute actively cooperates with policy and lawmakers to implement the policy recommendations.

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