• 22.03.2018

    Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.3 (209)

    Highlight: GAS MARKET
    Late February was marked by the victory celebration at the Ukrainian gas market as Ukrainian Naftogaz won the case on gas transit against the Russian Gazprom at the Stockholm Arbitrage Court. Together with almost USD 2 bn that the Naftogaz owes the Gazprom in the gas case, the Naftogaz net win is USD 2.6 bn. However, already on March 1, 2018, Russia used the same tactic against Ukraine as it did in 2009: refusing to supply gas to the country. Ukraine faced gas shortage.
    Authors:  Ірина Коссе, Олександра Бетлій

  • 13.08.2010

    What are the expected volumes of grain export from Ukraine?

    Harvesting was hampered by extreme weather conditions in the Black Sea Region this year. Grain production in Russia will most likely not exceed consumption. Total grain production in 2010/11 MY is forecast by the Russian Government at about 60 to 65 million t (87 million t in 2009/10 MY).

    Category:  Comments
    Authors:  Strubenhoff Heinz-Wilhelm, Куценко Катерина

  • 10.08.2010

    Foreign Policy Spectrum №8

    G-20: Future Authority of Global Governance?
    Ukraine’s Foreign Policy ‘Modernisation’: Policy Change without its Renewal
    Authors:  Раздорожний Євгеній, Шинкарук Катерина

  • 20.04.2010

    Trade policy in Ukraine: Strategic aspects and next steps to be taken

    Two years after Ukraine’s WTO accession in May 2008, policy makers have once again to take strategic decisions as to future trade policy of the country. It is hard to overestimate the importance of such decisions, since they do not only affect trade flows, but also the speed of structural reforms, an issue of practically same importance as trade itself.

    Authors:  Movchan Veronika, Куценко Катерина, Джуччі Рікардо

  • 02.01.2010

    Foreign Policy Spectrum №7

    This publication is availavble only in Ukrainian.
    Authors:  Раздорожний Євгеній, Шинкарук Катерина

  • 01.12.2009

    "If someone thinks that we can make some magical arrangements and guide Ukraine out of the recession in spite of the world trends - it is just populism and myth"

    We have already passed the "bottom" of the fall. We will get "plus" in the basic scenario in 2010 despite all the problems. GDP growth will be triggered by the economic activity of the metallurgists, the chemists, and in agriculture.

    Category:  Comments
    Authors:  Burakovsky Igor

  • 01.09.2009

    Foreign Policy Spectrum №6

    This publication is available only in Ukrainian.
    Authors:  Раздорожний Євгеній, Шинкарук Катерина

  • 12.08.2009

    Ukraine - Russia Diplomatic Relations - Zero Sum Games Continue?

    On August 5 President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko signed the agrement for the appointment of Mikhail Zurabov as the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to Ukraine. However, already on August 11 in his public address to the President of Ukraine Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev announced his decision to postpone the arrival of Mr.Zurabov to Ukraine "taking into account the anti-Russian course of the Ukrainian leadership".

    Category:  Comments
    Authors:  Шинкарук Катерина

  • 10.06.2009

    How to overcome the impact of international financial crisis: the search for adequate policy

    The global financial crisis has become today a challenge for both national economies and modern system of global and regional economic policy coordination in various fields. The severity and scope of the crisis require politicians and government officials fast and fairly radical actions to minimize the effects of global crisis and create conditions for economic recovery.

    Category:  Books

  • 01.10.2008

    Foreign Policy Spectrum №5

    This publication is available only in Ukrainian.
    Authors:  Раздорожний Євгеній, Шинкарук Катерина

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