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  • Newsletter "Information of the WTO members" No.58



    1. EU: amendments to legislation on biocidal products

    In the second half of March 2015, the European Union released a notification on Draft Commission Implementing Regulation Approving 5-Chloro-2-(4-Chlorophenoxy)-Phenol as an Existing Active Substance for Use in Biocidal Products. Proposed date of adoption: June 2015. Proposed date of entry into force: 20 days from publication in the Official Journal of the EU. Final date for comments: May 22, 2015.

    2. Singapore: changes to technical regulations on energy conservation

    In early February 2015, the Republic of Singapore informed the WTO on changes to technical energy conservation regulations to extend the scope of registrable goods. In particular, non-directional lamps for general lighting purposes are proposed to add to the list of registrable goods. Proposed date of adoption: to be determined (notice will be published prior to the date of entry into force). Proposed date of entry into force: 1 July 2015. Final date for comments: April 5, 2015.


    3. Switzerland: amendments to legislation on telecommunications equipment

    In the second half of March 2015, Switzerland released a notification on Draft revision of the Ordinance of the Swiss Federal Office of Communications on Telecommunications Equipment. Proposed date of adoption and entry into force: June 13, 2016. Final date for comments: May 23, 2015.

    Issue:  Issue: No.58 April 2015
    Research spheres:  International economics
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