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  • Mapping out vulnerable sectors in the Eastern Partnership countries

    Overview major Post Soviet economic clusters the fate of which may have a crucial role in the modernization in the EaP countries (machine industry and energy sectors in particular). Collect and provide the past and current V4 experience in the transformation of these industries.More
  • Impact of the EU-Ukraine DCFTA on different categories of households: a CGE micro-modeling

    The aim of the project is to estimate the impact of the establishment of the DCFTA with the EU in the framework of the Association Agreement on Ukraines economy and to facilitate public discussion regarding economic consequences of the Association Agreement. The assessment will be made both on macro level and on the level of various categories of households using a CGE micro-simulation.More

  • Investment Attractiveness of the Regions 2014

    - Identify investment potential, investment risk and investment climate as well as investment activity of the regions of Ukraine and following survey results, to design the index, and on its basis to establish the ranking of investment attractiveness of the regions (oblasts) of Ukraine.
    - Among other issues, to study the mechanism of "one stop shop" at the local level, the effectiveness of foreign direct investment in a region and the system of cooperation with existing and prospective foreign investors.More

  • Forecasting migration between the EU, V4 and Eastern Europe: impact of visa abolition

    The project is aimed at examination of migration patterns in Eastern European states bordering the EU ( Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus) in the perspective of expected emigration to the EU (with particular emphasis on emigration to V4) after possible visa abolition. It focuses on qualitative and quantitative estimation of migration stocks of Eastern European states to the EU and V4 in the forthcoming 10 years. Research of that kind has never been conducted with regard to Eastern Partnership states.More

  • Cost of border in Black Sea region

    - Promote free movement of economic resources in selected Black Sea countries (Azerbaidjan, Georgia, Ukraine) by enhancing public discourse on benefits of economic cooperation in the three partner countries (free trade of goods and services, and mobility of people).
    - Strengthen the regional cooperation among the civil society representatives of the region and develop success story for trans-border civil society work.
    - Raise public awareness on free trade and labor resources movement issues.More

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